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About Us

Public Life Re-Imagined

As our world grows ever more complex, it tends to muddle up some basic truths. We each have a public life, and we each share public spaces and public goods with our neighbors. Isn't it time we became intentionally inclusive and relational about how we live our public lives?

A Better Democracy

We're not saying we have all the answers, but by using an inclusive public life approach, you can be part of the solution. Isn't it time we truly consider how to make this world better for all our children by building an inclusive democracy of our own making?

Learn with (or Teach) Us

As we begin our journey to launch a new paradigm in democratic life, we want your voice. If you want to learn with us, or teach us, please join the conversation on our blog at Private and Public Life. Now is the time to make society work for all.

What We're Working On

Toludo Pre Development

We are in the pre development stages of our first project, Toludo, an online place to meet & rally for change. Our vision is to create a civic social media platform where you can build your civic network project-by-project, learn, plan, and act together. After launch, we want Toludo to become the home for all things related to individual public action and public life. 

Currently, we are developing an introductory video course that we will begin to test by spring 2018. If you want to join in the effort and help us build this home, or interested in accessing our first course, visit us at Toludo. Also, take a moment to subscribe to our blog to participate in development activities. 

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